Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash Review

Aroma-Magic-Lavender-Face-WashIn my teenage I had a love~hate relationship with my skin. Thankfully now it’s a well behaved child .And as a responsible mother, i have a better control over its whims and tantrums !

However,there are two main problems with it-
1.It has a tendency to breakout ..specially on forehead and chin
2.Except for my T-zone, the rest of the face turns dull and lifeless very quickly

So, as far as cleansing is concerned.. I try using a cream based face wash for dry skin during the day and a cleansing lotion at night. (In winters) 

I tend to get bored with cleansers very easily .. so, I am always in a hunt for appropiate face wash/cleansers for my combination skin ! My recent find is Aroma Magic Lavender Face wash..  
What Aroma Magic Lavender Face wash claims-

Price : 145 INR for 100ml

Directions of Use & Ingredients :
Aroma-Magic-Lavender-Face-WashWhat I Love about Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash :

Cute packaging ! honestly .. (Thank You AromaMagic for getting rid of the super boring red-white tubs)

  • Cream based face wash.. not too thick neither to runny..light lavender in color!
  • Gently cleanses skin forming adequate lather
  • Does not cause over drying.
  • Mild lavender fragrance
  • Comes in a travel friendly tube packaging with a flip-flop cap
  • Free from parabens, soap, artificial colorant 
  • Cruelty free
  • Affordable and easily available


What I don’t Love about Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash :
  • In winters, skin may feel a bit dry after use, but nothing that your regular moisturizer can’t handle
  • Does not remove makeup.  
My Rating : 4/5
Final verdict : If you love lavender fragrance and have normal-dry/ combination skin..absolutely give this non drying creamy face wash a shot ! Oily skin, however won’t much be benefited .

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