Saturday, July 20, 2013

Say Goodbye to being Camera Shy !

Press Release :

Did you know, around 77% of women are camera shy, saying that they often feel self-conscious or uncomfortable having their photo taken? That's because anxiety about their appearance prevents them from capturing precious memories with holiday photos, their own wedding pictures or even photos of the birth of their child.

That's why we created a short film - Camera Shy - to raise the question why women hide from the camera as adults, but loved the camera as little girls. And you being one of our beautiful associates, we thought of sharing it with you. Take a look, for we are certain that you'll not stop smiling!

Join the conversation #MyBeautifulSelf at Facebook HERE... so that you, in turn, inspire many to feel confident and happy.

Let's encourage women to celebrate their own beauty and smile back at the world, once again.


  1. wow the video .. cant stop smiling :) :P

  2. nice post...

  3. Aww can't stop smiling

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