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Revlon Nail Art Expressionist Color Jackson Polish Review , NOTD

Revlon Nail Art Expressionist Color Jackson Polish Review

I went with a friend to Shopper’s Stop the other day and fell in love with these Revlon nail art paints. I have always loved nail art, and decided to pick up a couple of these. At 300/- per nail paint, they are not bad, because you get two nail polishes, and as Revlon’s average nail polishes are priced at around 150/- I am technically not being cheated. 

My friend was also interested in the rest of the new things that have arrived, including baby sticks, three new lip butter colors, and a number of quads. However, I spotted a couple of lovely larger cream eye shadow palettes, and picked one from them. At 650/- that one was cheaper and bigger. I decided to keep it at that since I had no clue how good/bad the nail art stuff was going to be.
Plus, I have a horrible habit of never finishing nail polishes. I get bored.

My Take on Revlon Nail Art Expressionist Color Jackson Polish:

Price : Rs 350 

Jackson Polish was my first choice because of the colors it had. The package comes with two sides to it – one side comprises of the base, and the other side is the nail art side. The base side has a thicker brush while the other side has a thinner one, for making lines and other designs. 

Overall, the package is pretty big but I like it all the same since the colors are really nice and vibrant. On one side, the base coat one, you see the lovely flame coral color. On the other side is a gorgeous bronze-y orange. I loved this duo. It was so amazing to look at. Plus, I reasoned, there was no way I was not going to use them individually. I would totally love decking my nails out in the bronze color.

I ran back home and immediately applied the paints. To my surprise, I realized that the package was pretty sturdy. I had already dropped these twice and nothing happened. I used the coral on my nails, and one coat was quite opaque, although I opted for two. It did not streak, dried out in no time (took just under five minutes for both the coats to dry out), and I immediately started applying the bronze nail art part. 


You can see from the impromptu paintings, I was not a patient girl. Impatient girls have their hands smacked soundly. Same here. You can see the evidence that I am definitely not someone who can do nail art. In fact, I suck at it. 

I thought that the bronze would not stick out as well as any other color, but I was wrong. Clearly, Revlon has put in a good bit of thought before they paired the colors. The bronze is very metallic and it sticks out, definitely sticks out when it comes to the color. Plus, it looks very very bright and pretty. If you look at the very badly done nail art, you would see the way it does brighten up my fingers and look great on them. Both applicators are great, and do their purpose. Even a girl as clumsy with nail polishes as me cannot mess up too much.

Removal however is a slight issue. The colors do tend to stick on for a good bit of time. Expect your nails to be bright and beautiful for about 3-4 days before chipping begins. Plus, the color has an unfortunate tendency to stain your fingers. 

So yes, good quality nail polish remover is a must, and so is post-removal nail care, i.e. dipping nails in warm water, scrubbing, and applying hand cream. However, the color is pretty much to die for and I would definitely recommend it. I took the pictures after 3 days of application, and you can see the lasting power of the paint. Availability might be another issue. 

Pros of Revlon Nail Art Expressionist  :

  • Lovely color
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Great applicators
  • Goes opaque in one coat 
  • Not streaky
  • Good lasting power

Cons of Revlon Nail Art Expressionist Color :

  • Stains nails
  • Not available everywhere

My Rating : 4.5/5
Final Verdict : I love these. Already picked up one more from the range, as I was greedy and not very patient.

Guest Post by Poorna 


  1. Poo....Stains ??? *rolls eyes*
    You got another shade too na? what about that ????

  2. The pink looks great but I hate staining nailpaints.. :P :P
    Looks pretty on your hands.. waiting for another one.. ;)

  3. i dont like the pink shade much ! well written review sukanya

  4. stains... bad!! and the shade is quite dark :P nice review :)

    1. yes it is... and stays on, which a good thing.

  5. Nice review...ya it stains very bad but nice base coat can fix it....:)

  6. OMG!! staining polishes never for me!!! Thanks alot I was planning to buy it weekend..

  7. The staining bit is the worst part. Looks great on the nails though

  8. Colors look lovely on your nails dear :)

  9. Ohh...Thats too bad it stains...I wanted to get one of these....Not sure If I am now..But the color looks gorgeous on you!

  10. Due to it staining issue, i haven't purchased.. :(

  11. im also eyeing this product , will be getting it soon !

    1. :D so many colors to choose from.


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