Sunday, June 2, 2013

Faces Concealer Brush Review

Of course I love my makeup brushes.. but I still feel, my fingers are my ultimate solution for blending it my eye -shadow, concealer or foundation.More so, because of the total lack of quality brushes in India. So,a couple of months back when Faces & colorbar launched their makeup brushes in India I literally did a brief jiggy and got a couple of them !

Ever since I started using my Inglot cream concealer (will review soon), I have felt the need of a good concealer brush, particularly for my under eyes.I was using Faces foundation-concealer duo brush and was quite content except for one tiny thing (will share that in my review of the same, soon). Faces concealer brush is a bit pricier than the duo brush and here's my thoughts on it.

What Faces Concealer Brush Claims :

Create an airbrush effect with the Flawless Concealer Brush using any liquid or powder concealer. The unique rounded shape allows you to contour and cover areas easily. Create buildable coverage from light to heavy for a customizable look that is smooth and flawless.

Dimension - length -17.7 cm

Price : 249 INR

What I love about Faces Concealer brush :

  • The flat brush is firm yet flexible.It has soft densely packed bristles.
  • Helps to achieve precisely clean application
  • No shedding even after 5 washes, no fading colors
  • No streaks of the product
  • Works well for under eye and around the nose area. Good for covering up acne spots too ( but I prefer fingers for the later)
  • Comes in a zip lock packaging, hence it is easy to store and I feel a bit more hyegenic 
  • Affordable and easily available

What I don't love about Faces Concealer brush :
  • Though the brush is of standard size, I would have loved it more if it was shorter. I am just not comfortable using long brushes. Also for travelling, you need a big pouch. 
  • The brush could have been a bit more denser/thicker 
My Rating : 3.75/5 
(i know that's a bit weird for my rating but 4/5 is too much and 3.5/5 was too less)

Final Verdict : I really really love this brush.Regular faces brushes and makeup tools are my favs..I think I should be exploring more of their face brush now.I won't compare them to Sigma F70 or the likes because I haven't used them. But for being affordable and available in India, I can't help but love it.

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  1. I am thinking of buying faces concealer duo foundation brush..Waiting for your review on it..

    1. It's pretty good ! And pocket friendly too ! ;)

  2. I have the powder brush and I love it!

  3. nice review! like brushes like this

    1. yes it is indeed a good brush ! worth the price :)

  4. I am gonna try Faces brush collections soon Thanks for the Review Sukanya :)

    1. Surely Rasa, am looking forward to try out some more face brushes :)

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