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The Body Shop Brazil Nut Moisture Mask Review

I think some of us are dreading the approaching summer season.  I know I do because my hair gets dry and frizzy.  It is best during winter but we all know how long that lasts in Mumbai. That’s where ‘hair masks’ come in.  They are designed to improve the appearance of hair considerably in a short amount of time.

What The Body Shop Claims on Brazil Nut Moisture Mask :

Price: INR  750 for 200ml

What is a hair mask?

A hair mask is a fancy word for a concentrated conditioner.  It gives damaged or frizzy hair a shot of moisture and shine.  Since it is a concentrated product, it should be used once a week or once a month as per the condition of your hair.  You can in the meantime use a conditioner for your daily and weekly needs.

Our building used to have a supply of BMC water but that changed to boring a year back and I noticed the difference both in the dryness of my skin as well as hair.  After pestering my mother for something for my hair she sent me this product from TBS.

To use it you have to apply the mask to damp hair.   You can choose to then use a shower cap and wait for about 15-20 minutes until you wash it off. Alternatively you can apply the mask and wrap your head with a towel and if you have a small steamer, you can use that for a bit. When you wash your hair you can use shampoo and then conditioner is an option and depends on what you prefer.  If you find your hair sticky then you can use a conditioner or else a shampoo should be enough. 

Ingredients :

Now my experience with this mask was very good.  It really, really added a boost of moisture to the hair.  Since I have spirally curly hair, it’s not at all manageable.  From wide tooth combs to jumbo sized curlers I’ve tried it all and had results that varied with age, time and season. This hair mask improved the overall look and condition of my hair.   It was not a great difference but yes, it was noticeably better. 

My hair was a lot smoother there was some shine too.  I used to comb it while in the shower to make it easy to manage. The frizz also decreased and the curls got softer and I noticed a slight bounce.  A welcome change from the stationary spirals.  I do not have split ends so I guess I cannot say if it made a difference there.

Pros of The Body Shop Brazil Nut Moisture Mask :

  • A good product from a well-known International brand.
  • Does help frizzy hair
  • Gives dull lifeless hair lustre and a bounce
  • Has Brazil Nut an amazing ingredient
  • Definitely provides moisture to the hair

Cons of The Body Shop - Brazil Nut Moisture Mask :

  • Available at TBS stores around the country only
  • Pricey
My Rating : I’d rate it 4/5

Final Verdict : I love the good ingredient in this hair mask ‘Brazil Nut’.  It is an awesome hair conditioner and gives dry dull hair shine and softness.  It has antioxidants that prevents dryness so this hair mask is quite an excellent one.  I did not buy a second tub but because I decided to switch to an Ayurvedic formula and bought ‘Forest Essentials’ Bhringraj Oil instead.   

Guest Post by Christina

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    1. It is worth it and you should give it a try Gowthami

  2. Great review. I really love the rainforest hair butter. Do you think this one is better in comparison?

  3. Rainforest is much better than this.....

  4. i am yet to try this.. nice review christina.. :)

  5. lovely review Christina :)

  6. thts a nice review :))


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