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Chambor Moisture Plus lipstick Mocha Plus: Review &Swatches

Hi beauties!

            I’m crazy about lipsticks but I’m also conscious about how much I pay for them (yeah, I shy away from MAC, Lancome and Clinique, that’s what I meant :-P) But when I saw MAC Mocha on my friend it was love at first sight! Being conscious about my budget, I started searching for dupes of MAC Mocha. When I came across “Chambor Moisture Plus Mocha” in an online website, the swatch on the website seemed to be a light one, almost like MAC Mocha and whats more? It was on 30% discount! I immediately clicked “Add to Cart” and waited for my lippy to come home *happy dance*

            Fast forward to one week later : I received my parcel and opened it with a wide happy smile but when I opened the lipstick case, I was shocked to find an intensely pigmented dark brown lipstick *sob sob* I wanted to call up the guy who named it as Mocha and scream “That’s DARK BROWN not MOCHA” L  Anyway, other than the sad story of how I came to own it, the lipstick is pretty good. Let’s move on to the review…

What Chambor Claims:
“An innovative dual action formula with a nourishing core to hydrate lips and prevent dryness, surrounded by a soft, ultra-moisture colour coating for a smooth, radiant finish.
Price : Rs. 595/- (Available at offers online) for 4.5g
Shelf life : 3 years
Ingredients :

My views on Chambor Moisture Plus lipstick in Mocha Plus :
            There are two reasons why I bought this lipstick. I’ve already shared one of the reasons above (*sob sob*), the other one is because I’ve dry lips and this belongs to Moisture Plus range. I’ve tried out the shade Coral Plus which belongs to my cousin and I must say, I love the moisturized feeling it gave to my dry lips.

Shade & Pigmentation :
            It’s a dark brown shade. It’s not a pinkish brown or any other combination of brown. It’s a plain dark brown. The pigmentation is very good, it hides the pigmentations on my lip completely. It cannot be used for day wear due to it’s shine and colour. It would look good on dusky beauties, for fair skinned beauties, I suggest you try it out in the counter before purchasing it. The colour appears darker  in person, it is appearing lighter in the pictures.

Swatches (L - 1 swipe, R - 2 swipes):
Without flash :

With Flash :

On  my Lips :

Texture & Fragrance :
            It glides like butter on the lips. It gives a glossy finish in a single swipe. It gets full mark on the texture department. It’s fragrance is another story, it makes me wrinkle my nose. I’m very sensitive to smell and the smell of this one is too strong, but it fades away after a while *whew!*

Staying power :
            About three hours with light meals in-between, not more than that. The glossy finish lasts for about two hours after which the colour stays for one more hour. For a lipstick which costs around Rs.600, I expect a longer staying power.

Pros :
  •    Good colour for parties, goes well with traditional dresses.
  •    Glossy finish
  •     Moisturizes the lips, no need to apply a lip balm before applying the lipstick
  •    Good pigmentation
  •    Glides on lips like butter, very smooth application
  •    All the claims by the company have been met (They didn’t mention anything about staying power, only hydration :-P)

Cons :
  •    Boring packaging
  •    Strong fragrance
  •    Average staying power
  •    Pricey, considering all the cons

My Rating : 3.5/5, (-0.5 each for staying power, fragrance and colour)

Final Thoughts :
Moisture Plus range is a very good range, I’ve no complaints against it and I recommend everyone to try atleast one shade from this range but I wouldn’t recommend this shade, mainly because of it’s strong fragrance. If you are not sensitive to smell and like this shade, go for it but only after trying it out at the counter.

P.S : Can someone suggest an Inglot dupe for MAC Mocha? Or should I give up my quest for a dupe and go for MAC? L

Guest Post by Gayathri


  1. Chambor has some good stuff! But i cannot carry off browns at all!

    1. Same here! I just didn't expect that this shade will be soo brown :-(

  2. Replies
    1. Yay! Same here (though I won't be purchasing them through online shopping anymore :-P)

  3. I understand your sob story very well....I had a similar experience :(
    But..this shade is good too .

    1. Thanks, am mixing it with other lippies and using it now :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, but am unable to carry it off with my medium-dusky skin, makes me look dull and dark :-(

  5. I avoid purchasing blushes, lippes and liners online.. pics and actual products are way different.. always swatch before buy..Its ok to shop for skincare products.

  6. this is a nice color, however, not even close to MAC Mocha. The reason why I buy MAC is possibly because there are some colors and textures that are quite impossible to make a dupe of. You can check out Lakme Lip Love in Aphrodite Blush, which is a color in the similar range to MAC Mocha. Also, Chambor Powder Matte Indiana Fusion.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, am eyeing the Indiana Fusion next :-)

  7. That's a very unique shade of lipstick! :)

    1. It is! Pity it doesn't suit me..


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