Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner Review

I really can't explain you how much exited am now while writing this review. This is my first conditioner from TBS and am sooperrr happy with it!!! paisa wasooolll !!! :D

No nonsence.,straight to the Review, The Body Shop Banana Conditioner from Anita's favourites (who is Anita btw?? pls enlghten me in this aspect )

Price-- 515INR for 250 ml

Packaging-- small ,travel friendly ,sturdy,transparent bottle with a turn-round capwith a flip flop opening! 

TBS says--

Community Trade banana puree from Ecuador - To nourish and condition the hair

We source our banana puree from El Guabo in Ecuador, an association of small-scale banana producers. El Guabo Association now represents farmers from fifteen different communities and exports around 30,000 boxes of bananas a week to Europe and the USA. The Association has eliminated its dependency on local intermediaries by establishing its own export department and a process to monitor production from farm to port.


Tips -

Use the Banana Shampoo before the Conditioner to help nourish the hair


Massage onto wet hair and scalp and leave if desired. Rinse with clean water. If product gets in eyes, rinse with clean water

A brief intro on my tresses -- Predominantly dry hair and dry scalp.But on humid conditions scalp sweats a lot! . Before i started out  this conditioner i had been trying out lods of shampoos to get some volume and get rid of the limpiness. Dove had worked fine on me for about a year,then suddenly I didn't see it work any more). So,the hunt of a shampoo-conditioner duo began....

My Likes--

  • though am not a fan of fruity smells but the fragnance of this one swiped me off my feet! Yea it smells of banana's but I love it a lot. Specially when your are in the shower using it..the fragnance kinda brings out a chirpy bubbly feeling in me :P but it doesn't stay long.once you are out of shower it fades away.
  • texture is thick and creamy-- just like some banana smoothie
  • gives a nice natural sheen to my hair and a soft glow :P
  • My hair feels soft ,smooth and silky :)
  • does not weigh down mt hair or make it limp
  • detangles
  • no silicones
  • paired with the shampoo results are visible within a week.
  • moisturizes well
The product is actually very thick and sticks to the bottle i have marked  the actual level up there near my nail.

my dislikes--
  • As it is very thick i have to keep it upside down in my shower and also that it's difficult to squeeze through the flip flop opening.
  • they could have given some more of the product for the price we are paying! 
My rating- 4.5/5 

Am going banana's over this range! and will stock up more during the sales !

So, have you tried this one? let me know  which is your fav conditioner :)


  1. I would definitely love to try this out!

  2. Seems too have dry frizzy hair!

  3. Too pricey. But sounds very worthwhile. I might get this in the March sale :)
    Again, this is one of the few raved TBS hair products :)

  4. @nivs..yea i really dont understand the need to label them like that :( atleast they cud add sm more of the product na? yea i will stock up in march :)

  5. nice review Sukanya....loved ur blog...its nt few unnecessary stuff...rather its all about loads of necessary stuff :)...BTW who s Anita ??? ;)


  6. @ayantika..thkiees.. yea that's kinda 'pun intended ' too wants know more bout Anita :)

  7. @Sukanya...awww so prompt rply dear :)...btw I am following ur blog is mine <3

  8. am too following you dear..just saw ur blog :) kp in touch <3

  9. dhonyobad ebong obossoi bondhu !! :D

  10. wow....I never really thought I would be interested in this but your review has certainly made me curious :)

  11. Anita was the founder of TBS :P

  12. suku, tat has really made me so tempted to grab this. i too have been on the look out for a perfect conditioner. since amway's satinique was pretty good, i never bothered to search further..nice tempting review..keep it coming

  13. @Swati..thnx :)

    @Nivs..tai!!! jantam na ..thnx for sharing :)

    @oriflameavon.. thnx and y dont u review them.. :)

  14. wow!!! that was just too tempting. let me try L'occitane first.then i may give this a try ;)

  15. @jyo.... u got l'occitaine !!!!! me wants... :smug:... kk me waiting for the review ! *drools*

  16. lol Anita Roddick was the founder of the body shop! :D =) She's no more though, so these old stuffs were released as an honorary thing in Anita's memory! :)

  17. @sukanya... oh! thnks ..she did a pretty good droolworthy job !!! :)

  18. hey wich shampoo do u use before this? Btw, did anyone try dove damage therapy - intense pepair - daily conditioner with treatement .... With micro moisture serum and active fibres? Evn i hv problm hair wich luks crap if i dont use conditionr ..... Dis has been my best conditioner till date .... 200ml rs160/-

  19. i am currently using tbs banana shampoo :) i had tried dove damage therapy last year..somehw it caused hairfall in me .. glad it works for you :)


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