Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash Review

Aroma-Magic-Lavender-Face-WashIn my teenage I had a love~hate relationship with my skin. Thankfully now it’s a well behaved child .And as a responsible mother, i have a better control over its whims and tantrums !

However,there are two main problems with it-
1.It has a tendency to breakout ..specially on forehead and chin
2.Except for my T-zone, the rest of the face turns dull and lifeless very quickly

So, as far as cleansing is concerned.. I try using a cream based face wash for dry skin during the day and a cleansing lotion at night. (In winters) 

I tend to get bored with cleansers very easily .. so, I am always in a hunt for appropiate face wash/cleansers for my combination skin ! My recent find is Aroma Magic Lavender Face wash..  
What Aroma Magic Lavender Face wash claims-

Price : 145 INR for 100ml

Directions of Use & Ingredients :
Aroma-Magic-Lavender-Face-WashWhat I Love about Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash :

Cute packaging ! honestly .. (Thank You AromaMagic for getting rid of the super boring red-white tubs)

  • Cream based face wash.. not too thick neither to runny..light lavender in color!
  • Gently cleanses skin forming adequate lather
  • Does not cause over drying.
  • Mild lavender fragrance
  • Comes in a travel friendly tube packaging with a flip-flop cap
  • Free from parabens, soap, artificial colorant 
  • Cruelty free
  • Affordable and easily available


What I don’t Love about Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash :
  • In winters, skin may feel a bit dry after use, but nothing that your regular moisturizer can’t handle
  • Does not remove makeup.  
My Rating : 4/5
Final verdict : If you love lavender fragrance and have normal-dry/ combination skin..absolutely give this non drying creamy face wash a shot ! Oily skin, however won’t much be benefited .

L’occitane Repairing Shine Hair Mask for dry damaged hair review

L’occitane Repairing Shine Hair Mask for Dry Damaged Hair review

L'occitane-hair-mask-for-dry-damged-hair-review-indiaHola ladies…. How are you all?? I know I have been absent from blogaville for ages really really sorry. I missed you sooo much. There are lods of products to be written about….I promise to be a bit regular from now on.*tch wood* I will try my best to post 2-3 reviews a week. I hope you guys continue to support (bear with) me 🙂
On a happy note, today am going to share with you one of my favorite hair product till date. It’s the L’occitane Repairing Shine Hair Mask for Dry Damaged Hair. I am really lazy about DIY masks ( or any other stuff for that matter)..hence am always in a look out for good hair masks . If the product is good I don’t mind shelling out few extra bucks.
I had read some pretty good reviews about L’occitane Hair Masks and thought of giving it a try. I had bought it last year around June/July.. and after using regularly (once in a week) I have managed to finish only half of the product .


Price : Rs 2050 for 250 ml / 8.8 oz

Claims : Particularly recommended for color and chemically-treated hair, this hair mask nourishes and deeply restores capillary fiber. Repairing, stimulating and regenerating, it protects against the damaging effects of environmental stresses. This rich and silky cream leaves your hair shiny, soft, and smooth.
How To use : Apply to towel Dry hair twice a week for 5-10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly

Ingredients :


L'occitane-shine-hair-mask-for-dry-damaged-hair-review-indiaWhat I Love about L’occitane Repairing Shine Hair Mask :
Gorgeous fragrance. I can’t actually describe but it has a luxurious feel about it.Very rich.I don’t feel its overwhelming in any way

  • It’s a moderately thick cream. For my medium length hair ,I need about a tea spoon of the product. I use it only on the hair ends and along the length of my hair. Never near the root ( As I have oily scalp)
  • It smoothes out tangles, gives a nice volume and shine to my hair
  • My hair feels really soft ,silky and is managable
  • It did not weigh my hair down or make it limp
  • I use it once/ twice weekly. Its a lot of product but a very little amount is needed. Hence even after 6 months of use..I have half of the product left with me 😀
What I don’t Love about L’occitane Repairing Shine hair Mask :
  • Silicones and other chemicals
  • Big plastic jar packaging with a screw cap..cumbersome to use in shower with wet hands
  • Dipping finger everytime to get the product out…ugghh..It shoud come with a spatula
  • If used in excess amount ,it would make hair limp
  • Price. ( As its a luxury brand and the product really worked for me..I don’t mind) But it used to be around 1800 Rs earlier… 🙁
My Rating : 4.5/5
Final Verdict : I am absolutely loving this product.I would recommend this to all girls who have dry damaged hair…or rather hair, with a mind of its own….
See ya soon….. xo

Loreal Elvive Extraordinary oil (for colored hair ) Review

Loreal Elvive Extraordinary oil for colored hair Review

L'oreal-elvive-extraordinary-oil-colored-hair-review-indiaHi everyone. Today I am going to share a wonderful hair product with you.
Last month, I went to beauty salon for my hair highlights and the lady who colored my hair recommended this hair oil. I am so glad I went with her recommendation and bought this product, it is incredible.

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil comes in two variations – one suitable for all and other for coloured hair.  Both the oils are versatile in terms of use, you can use it as a pre- shampoo treatment, as a styling side for use on both dry and wet hair or as a finishing touch. I always prefer to use this on my wet hair, comb through gently with a tangle teaser and thereafter blow dry n straighten my hair. I finish off by warming a couple of drops in the palm of my hands n smooth over finished style. It is very light weight, non-greasy, smells really good and makes hair look healthy n luxurious.

L'oreal-elvive-extraordinary-oil-colored-hair-review-indiaWhat L’oreal Claims?
L’Oreal Paris Elvive ExtraOrdinary Oil UV Filter for Coloured Hair is astonishingly versatile hair oil enriched with a blend of 6 precious flower extracts. It is described as being a ‘5-in-1 miracle hair perfector’ and its benefits are

Hair has a glowing shine
Feels intensely nourished
Flows with silky softness
Seems sumptuously smooth
Looks beautifully perfected

Price: £8.49/100ml from Boots (around Rs 765)


Ingredients :

L'oreal-elvive-extraordinary-oil-colored-hair-review-indiaMy Thoughts on L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil: 

My hair is coloured, naturally curl and little bit dry so needs some moisture and shine. After applying this oil my hair are no longer dry or fizzy but become more smooth and glossy. And it’s also very good as a finishing product, so fantastic versatility. For someone who has done so much damage to their hair, this is an absolute gem.

Application: It can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment, before blow-drying or as a finishing touch. I personally use it before blow dry by applying around two “Precious drops “onto the lower half of my hair, paying extra attention to my ends. After applying I love the glossy feeling and smoothness it gives to hair.

Packaging: The product comes in an elegant transparent orange coloured bottle with twisted pump which helps to get the right amount of product to minimise wastage. The arrow on the top of the nozzle helps to open the pump. I am quite impressed with the locking system which helps avoid leaking. The bottle with fluid is very light. I simply adore the packaging.

Fragrance: It has a very pleasant, delicate fragrance which doesn’t linger long.

Texture: The fluid is transparent, very light in texture and doesn’t stick at all. Being light weight it transforms easily to hair and absorbs quickly. It makes hair so manageable, soft and smooth.

Pros of L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary oil (for colored hair):
Make hair smoother, softer and shiny without weighing down

  • Non-sticky fluid
  • Classy and chic packaging
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Quickly absorbs in to hair
  • Adds moisture to dry hair
  • Result stays longer
  • Suited to all hair types

Cons of L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil (for colored hair):
Contains alcohol

  • Slightly expensive at full price
  • Glass bottle needs careful handling

My rating: 4.25/5

Final Verdict: If you need a reliable oil to make the styling process easier or a non-greasy finishing product, then highly recommended. It gives shiny, lovely, moisturized hair without making them oily. Even better results when massaged into dry hair. So must have product for colored hair. But it comes in two variations – one suitable for all and other for colored you should buy according to your hair

Making the Best Acne Treatments A Part of Your Skin Care Routine

It is not enough to treat your acne only when it becomes severe enough to really bother you. The longer you wait to treat acne, the harder it will be to get rid of and the more likely there will be a scar left behind.

Furthermore, you will always be aware of the acne even when it is not a severe outbreak and this will take a toll on your self esteem.

Instead of reacting to your acne, it is a better option to develop a daily skin care routine that will keep your skin healthy. It will help your skin resist severe acne and make breakouts easier to heal.

To make your treatment options even more effective, make sure you are using the best options available.

Three of the Best and Easiest Acne Treatments

shutterstock_539062411Exfoliation is an extremely important component to any daily skin care routine. It serves several purposes. It helps strip the foreign material out of clogged pores, preventing future outbreaks and reducing current problems.

Also, it strips away the outer, dead skin cells that would typically accumulate and clog pores.

An exfoliant does not have to be pricey or complicated. In fact, it can be a homemade, natural option that is combined with your cleanser. Sterilized, finely ground eggshells mixed into a cleanser are a fantastic exfoliant.

The grit from organic corn meal can also be used to exfoliate the skin, but will need to be rinsed away afterwards.

One of the best natural acne treatment options is also a very simple one. Salt water, especially made from natural sea salt, is often used for a variety of infection based ailments.

Salt water soaks are used to draw out infection and cleanse wounds. For centuries, salt water was the primary method used to treat even the worst cases of infection because it would reduce swelling while removing bacteria.

To get the most benefits, it is best to use a salt water soak. Make a highly concentrated solution of sea salt and hot water, and then let the mixture cool until it is tolerably warm. If possible, soak the affected skin directly in the salt water for at least 15 minutes.

If soaking is not an option, thoroughly soak a washcloth in the salt water and then use it as a compress. You will probably have to dip the cloth several times throughout the 15 minutes to achieve a thorough soaking affect.

shutterstock_88313749In the evening, after the exfoliation and salt water soak are complete there is one more thing left to do to wrap up your skin care day. A skin mask will help you treat your acne all night long, even while you sleep.

In fact, when you wake up in the morning you should see a distinct improvement in your acne.

Masks can be made from any number of items. Herbs like sandalwood and neem are also used to form a paste-like mask. Spices like nutmeg and ground sesame seed are also effective.

For very severe outbreaks, you may even choose to use the zest of a citrus fruit. You can even include sea salt in the mask, to further enhance its healing.

The ingredients you choose may vary, depending on your skin type and personal preferences. Just make sure that the mask will dry and can be left on all night, to get the most benefits.

Protect Your Skin While You Fight Acne

shutterstock_394716478Very often, even the best acne treatments can still be hard on the surrounding healthy skin while they focus on the affected skin. It is sometimes a necessary choice to get rid of severe outbreaks.

However, it is important that you still nurture your healthy skin because damaged skin is more susceptible to future breakouts and scarring.

A problem with many methods used to keep the surrounding skin healthy is that they may cause additional breakouts. Oil based moisturizers will clearly clog pores and agitate existing acne.

Some other conditioners may have the same affect or may not be safe to use around the open wound from the acne.

However, there are still plenty of solutions that will not aggravate your existing acne and keep your healthy skin supple. One option is to use aloe vera juice.

Aloe vera is often used to calm burns and other wounds. It’s soothing and antiseptic properties will actually help heal your acne. It is a great conditioner for people who suffer from dry or damaged skin and will likewise keep your normal skin healthy while you treat your acne.

Products made from beeswax are also good for keeping your skin conditioned while treating acne. Some of the top acne treatments incorporate beeswax as the medium to deliver the concentrated therapy.

shutterstock_444652237Beeswax is a great conditioner, but will not clog pores. It is easily washed off with warm water, further promoting its anti-acne benefits.

Another option is to take vitamin B5 and zinc supplements. These vitamins and minerals are used to heal a variety of ailments. They strengthen the immune system and help the body resist harmful attacks.

They are perhaps most effective on the skin. They can strengthen all of your skin, healthy or broken out. It can make your skin highly resistive to acne in the first place and help it stay strong when you are treating acne.

The Best Treatment Is the Cure

While all of the advice above is an effective acne treatment, it is still a treatment and not a cure. As long as you are simply treating your acne, it will always be a lingering problem. These techniques you have learned are a great way to support your skin while you work toward your cure, but a cure is your ultimate answer.


How to Stop Acne Related Self Esteem Problems: A Caregiver’s Guide

A caregiver often has the hardest role when there is a medical concern. They must bear the same anguish as the sufferer, but feel even more helpless.

When you see acne beginning to take a psychological toll on your loved one’s self esteem, it can add an almost intolerable amount of stress to an already difficult situation.

The good news is that you do not have to stand by idling watching the acne destroy their self esteem and lead to depression. With nurturing and firm guidance, you can help them learn to care for their skin and remove acne.

You can teach them how certain activities and habits influence their complexion and help them make the right decisions. Together, you can beat the acne and reclaim that lost self esteem.

How You Can Help

shutterstock_478563136Sometimes tough love is the most productive when there is a problem to solve. All of the sympathy in the world will not heal the skin and may actually increase self esteem issues.

When you are trying to combat chronic acne, you will have to set aside all feelings of pity in order to achieve a greater good.

The most important thing you can do is to make sure the acne sufferer stops picking at or popping their acne. There are many reasons. First, it may surprise you to know that the pressure of simply picking at a pimple actually drives the infection further into the skin.

A few days after picking the one pimple, there will be several more in the area that are deep rooted. This makes removing acne extremely difficult.

Another problem with picking at acne is that it increases the chances that there will be a scar left behind. It agitates the wound and can even cause damage to inner layers of skin that may have been originally healthy.

shutterstock_121389466This prolongs the healing process. The longer a wound stays open the more the body will rush to heal the wound. Instead of natural healing with regular skin cells, the body will rush to make thick collagen scar tissue.

You will have to make skin care a priority. Once you have settled upon a certain routine, you will have to make sure they stick to it.

Make sure that their skin stays clean throughout the day and that they do not damage their skin experimenting with the latest “miracle” product.

Of course, it is not all tough love. Sometimes, tenderness and a shoulder to lean on are just as effective. Make sure you listen as they talk about their individual struggles from acne.

Never make them feel as if their problem is insignificant or unimportant. Offer them support if they are uncomfortable being in public. Always make sure that you make them feel attractive, even if they resist the idea.

Ensure them that others find them worthwhile and want to be with them. No one wants to feel undesirable and as a caregiver this is one of your main hurdles to overcome.

Be Proactive and Pursue A Cureshutterstock_104148617

The fact is that you can treat your loved one’s acne and you can give them the nurturing they need, but it will always be a source of strife if you do not try to permanently stop acne.

Even when a breakout goes away, there is always the knowledge that a new breakout could occur at any time. This type of constant fear and impending doom takes its toll.

Anytime a big event draws near, your loved one will be terrified that a bad breakout will ruin the day. More often than not, that is exactly what happens.

It is a cruel, self perpetuating cycle. Each time it repeats, it is worse than the time before. Too many people fall victim to this cycle, feeling more helpless and hopeless everyday. If you have finally had enough, then it may be time to commit to curing the acne.

What you need to know is that curing acne is not a small feat. While an acne free program is relatively easy to understand and uncomplicated to do once you are committed to it, it will take dedication.


You will be required to make major changes in almost every part of your loved ones life.

This may seem like an easy commitment to make, but it is not. Many activities and habits that the acne sufferer is accustomed to will have to be broken. You will have to be very strict.

If the sufferer is very set in their ways, there may be times when it seems like it is easier to deal with acne rather than do what it takes to cure it.

To make this commitment, it is important that you understand the nature of the changes that are required. You will have to learn to only eat nutritious foods, including organic meats and fresh fruits and vegetables.

You must avoid processed foods. Skin care must be diligent. You will have to get physically fit, exercising several times a week. If there is excess stress in your life, it will have to be dealt with.


Bourjois 8 in 1 BB cream Review & Swatches

Bourjois BB Cream Review and Swatchesbourjois-bb-cream-india-review-swatchI have a massive fetish for Bourjois. I wrote in a previous post about the number of stuff I just purchased from Bourjois, and I have to say, I want to add a few more things to my collection. Their new range of balm stains similar to MUA and Revlon is going to hit the Indian market soon, and I am saving up to purchase them all. I am an extremely bad human being, but that is exactly what I am going to do. Just you wait.

bourjois-8 in-1-bb-cream-swatch-review-india


Company Speak: Perfecting, Smoothing, Targeted correction, Anti fatigue, Anti shine, Anti aging, Long lasting hydration, with SPF 20. Bourjois’ BB cream compact foundation is your make-up and skin care ‘dream cream’ – a compact foundation with eight actions in one. It perfects, smoothes and evens out the complexion, targets and corrects imperfections and smoothes away signs of fatigue. This compact foundation erases shine, is anti-aging, provides long-lasting hydration and has SPF 20 protection. The creamy texture gives you a perfectly smooth, even complexion for a velvety ‘second skin’ finish and a medium coverage.
Price: 1075/- (Retails for £12 in the UK so I feel the price is fair) for 6gms
My Shade: Beige Rose
My Take on Bourjois 8 in 1 BB cream:
So, anyway, when I saw the new BB creams on the counter, and they were looking way more like a foundation and a lot less like a BB Cream, I wanted to get it. Unlike other BB creams, this one does not come in a tube. It comes in a flat box, which is the first thing you would notice about it. The packaging is super cool. Open the lid and you can see a big mirror, which makes it so easy for touch ups if needed, the product and the sponge. You can totally put the lid all the way back, or turn it around 360 degree. I have pictures to prove it.bourjois-8-in-1-bb-cream-swatch-review-indian

There is a sponge applicator which means you can pack on this BB Cream as lightly or as much as you want. I generally use that or my fingers for application. And yes, for 6 gm. it is 1075/-. Of course you guys are cringing. But wait till you hear the good part.
This product is like the smoothest butter. It looks very firm, but it applies like a dream and blends like a charm. You will have to apply a moisturizer before you apply this of course. In fact, that’s the deal with all foundations, by the way. And yes, this is way more like a foundation than a BB cream, remarkably similar to a mousse foundation.
At first you might be afraid to see the orange undertones in this color but let me tell you when you apply it, the game is totally different. It needs to blend with your skin’s natural moisture to really set in and it looks gorgeous once that happens. You would see a visible difference within 10 minutes of application. It would tighten up your skin almost instantly, and also even out your skin tone. At least it did to me. On my oily-combination skin it worked like an absolute charm.
It also conceals well, and can be built up to a medium coverage. Which is indeed great and I love this as my foundation because it is so easy to apply. It really works out well with the sponge but also blends in easily with a brush or my fingers, so I am not complaining.
The effect is natural, absolutely gorgeous without looking like I have packed something on my skin. Absolutely love this effect. It lasts on my skin for 6 hours or so, and controls oil for about 3 hours or so, an impressive time period. Also contains SPF, so YAY! While I have not noted any remarkable anti-ageing thing here, it does smooth out uneven skin tone a lot, and I have also used it to conceal mild scarring. So thumbs up for the product!
Swatch :

Pros of Bourjois 8 in 1 BB Cream:
  • Great packaging
  • Huge mirror
  • Blends like a dream on moisturized skin
  • Stays a long time
  • Contains SPF
  • Smoothens out unevenness
  • Coverage can be built up

Cons of Bourjois 8 in 1 BB cream:

  • Dry skinned girls might find blending slightly difficult
  • Expensive for the quantity

Using Acne Herbal Remedies to Treat Adult Breakouts

You probably always thought once you were an adult you would have clear, acne free skin. Now you are an adult, still suffering from acne, and you do not know what to do.

The good news is that you do not have to condemn yourself to bad skin the rest of your life. In fact, you will see amazing results if you start pursuing natural solutions to your problem.

Why Adult Onset Acne Must Be Treated Differently

shutterstock_546290656It is very common to see a teenager suffering from mild to severe acne. This is because their bodies are in a continual state of growth and maturity.

At any given time, their body is filled with growth and reproductive hormones. This imbalance, coupled by the average teen’s tendency to eat less nutritiously, is certain to result in acne.

Teens can often use over the counter and prescription medications to treat their acne. Their young skin can quickly recover from the damaging of such harsh treatment and leave no lasting marks.

As an adult, your skin does not have as strong an ability to heal. The damage done to your skin is more likely to be permanent and very noticeable.

shutterstock_420831967Furthermore, teens only have to use these strong treatments for a relatively short length of time. If you are suffering from adult onset acne and only using a chemical topical therapy, there is no definite timeline when the acne will go away.

You could end up using these harsh chemicals for a very long time. Clearly, extended exposure to these chemicals is not good for your skin or the rest of your body.

A better solution for achieving a clear complexion is one that bolsters your health and does not expose you to threatening chemicals. This is why so many people are choosing to use herbal acne remedies instead of the commercial alternatives.

In addition to being free of medications and artificial ingredients, the main focus of herbal remedies it to promote your body’s own natural ability to heal.

Herbal Remedy Suggestions

shutterstock_453317089Many of the herbs in your own kitchen will work quite effectively against acne. Although, it is important to note that you will get the best response if they are fresh.

This is because fresh herbs and spices will retain the most potency and will not have lost any benefits during processing.

Some herbs have been used to heal skin for hundreds of years. For example, basil leaves have long been known as an excellent herbal acne remedy, as well as healing other skin problem. Basil reduces inflammation and will reduce the redness and general appearance of acne.

Boil one tablespoon of basil in a cup of water. Let it steep for at least 10 minutes to give the leaves plenty of time to soften. After it has steeped, set it aside until it is cool to the touch.

Use a cotton bowl to apply the cooled mixture to your skin and let it stay on for at least 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Pastes and masks are a great solution and when they are made at home from natural ingredients, they become fantastic acne herbal remedies.

shutterstock_241161880One good homemade mask is created from orange zest. Orange zest is simply the gratings from an orange peel. Like most citrus, orange peel has an antiseptic quality that can draw out infection. When turned into a mask, it can draw out infection as well as the other dirt within the acne.

Grind the orange zest into a fine powder. Add enough water to the powder to make a thick paste. You may want to let the powder sit for 10 minutes or so.

This will help the powder become creamier. As it soaks, you may have to add more water if it gets too thick. Apply the cream to your skin in a thick coat. Leave on the mask until it is completely dry and then rinse it with a mild soap and warm water.

Herbal Healing Internally

Many times, the best way to heal your skin on the outside is by taking care of yourself on the inside. Some of the best herbal remedies for acne are those that you consume.

Teas and supplements are often the most popular herbal healing options because of their convenience and holistic nature.


Stinging nettle is an interesting herbal remedy. Despite its name, it is actually known for its ability to heal and improve your body functions. It also helps improve the healing process. Natural healing experts often recommend it to acne sufferers.

The stinging nettle can be bought at most health food stores. The nettle should be made into a strong tea. The nettle should be given plenty of time to steep which will ensure that the maximum healing properties get into the tea.

Try to drink 4 cups of nettle tea each day. It can be made in advance, to make the remedy more convenient for you.

Getting More Help

Just as a teen’s body is filled with unbalanced hormones and toxins from poor nutrition, there is something wrong inside your body if you are suffering from adult onset acne. You should not have acne as an adult and it is a clear indicator of a bigger health concern. Now that you are older, you can no longer ignore obvious health problems. These acne herbal remedy options are a great start, but if you want to truly cure your acne you must look at the bigger picture.


The Best Acne Remedy Is Often the Simplest One

When you look at yourself in the mirror and feel disappointed at the acne you see, you may feel that you would do anything to get a clear complexion. In truth, you may already be doing too much.

The many different methods and products you are using may be heading you in the opposite direction of your acne cure.

The theory that the simplest answer is normally the best one is true for many things, including the health of your skin. The more complex your solution and the more you try different techniques, the less you are likely to achieve the results you desire.

Your skin heals from the inside to the outer layers and complicated techniques do not give it adequate time to adjust and regenerate. When it comes to acne, many times the simplest solution is the correct one.

Excellent Solutions in Your Own Kitchen


It may surprise you, but some of the best natural remedies for acne are probably sitting in your kitchen already. Better yet, they can be found in your regular grocery store instead of an expensive health food store.

It really does not get any simpler than convenient, budget friendly, and acne fighting solutions.

You should already know that fresh fruits and vegetables are a vital staple. The best fruits and vegetables can nourish your body and keep you healthy on the inside. These amazing foods can also keep your skin acne free when you use them on the outside.

Garlic has been used for centuries for its healing properties. Garlic is a strong antiseptic. It will kill all of the infection and other germs within your acne. This will make it easier for you to gently wash away the rest of the material which is clogging your pores and causing your acne.

Garlic is also a great natural remedy for acne because it is an antioxidant and will promote skin cell regeneration. This will help your skin heal faster and reduce scarring.


Mint leaves and mint extract have a similar role as a acne remedy. In addition to treating wounds and other infections, the “cooling” sensation of mint will greatly reduce acne inflammation.

Mint’s antibiotic properties will relieve the infection while the skin heals. Mint leaves work very well pressed to the affected skin after cleaning.

In very severe cases, you may want to apply lemon juice to the acne wounds. Lemon juice is a very potent remedy for acne because of its acidic properties. It will destroy any infection and break down any residue within pores.

Furthermore, lemon juice seems to have an amazing ability to draw out the infection from deep within your skin, making it easier to get rid of.

Daily Skin Care- The Simple Way

shutterstock_119665402One of the best ways to stay acne free is to have a good daily skin care regiment. Prevention is always a better technique than reaction.

While it will take a dedicated anti-acne program to cure your acne, maintaining healthy skin will help you prevent and reduce the severity of a substantial percentage of your severe acne outbreaks.

The most essential part of your skin care regiment should be cleansing. It is only during cleansing that you are able to remove the dirt, oil, germs, and other residue that clogs your pores and achieve a natural acne remedy.

Skin that is not cleansed properly will be prone to more severe and uncontrollable breakouts.

You should cleanse your skin frequently throughout the day. It is simple to do, but is often one of the most overlooked remedies for acne. All day long, your skin is exposed to the elements, pollution, and sweat.

Meanwhile, you are generating oil. You already know when these elements combine the result is acne. It does not make sense to only clean your skin in the morning and evening.

Washing about 4 to 5 times per day is the best way to keep your skin fresh and residue free. If you wear makeup or sweat often during the day, you will have to wash more frequently.

While it can be a bit inconvenient to wash during the day, the results will far outweigh the negatives. It should be relatively easy to bring a travel size cleanser with you as you go about your daily activities.


Keep in mind, if you are washing your skin that frequently you do not need a harsh soap. If you are using a very strong detergent or if you are using a cleanser with commercial acne medication your skin will not be able to tolerate repeated cleansing. The outer layers of the skin will become too dry and damaged.

Interestingly, this will lead to more acne despite the anti-acne elements of the soap. The damaged skin will begin to flake, increasing the amount of dead skin cells that can clog your pores. Your skin will react to this damage by producing more oil, compounding the problem.

Instead of a harsh soap, you should try something gentler. Do not choose a cleanser that is designed to only target acne. Instead, try a gentler alternative that will simply remove excess oil and dirt without over drying your skin.

Choosing one of the safer, natural acne remedies to cleanse your skin will give you far superior results than any harsh soap.

A Simple Cure

What can be simpler than curing your acne versus constantly treating it? A constant battle with acne will only increase your stress and desperation, leading to more acne. It is best to stop reacting to your acne and find a way to permanently stop the problem.


Tips On How to Get Rid Of Back Acne for Good

Although it is often hidden from public view, back acne can often inhibit your life and self esteem as much as acne on your face. It can make you shy to wear a swimsuit or light clothing in the summer.

It can make you shy away from a hug or other personal show of affection from a loved one.


Unfortunately, the location of the outbreak can make it more difficult to get rid of back acne. It is difficult to reach for cleansing and to apply topical treatments.

Topical treatments you can apply may have a tendency to stain your clothes.

This does not mean that there is no way to treat or prevent back acne. All it means is that you will have to change your routine and make a little more effort. Making some small additions and changes can make a giant difference in getting rid of your back acne.

What Not To Do

There is a tendency to scratch and pick at back acne. While this is always a bad thing for acne, it can be exceptionally bad for back acne.

Your inability to reach and see what you are doing can leave you literally in the dark, gouging at your skin without any real rhyme or reason.

You are very likely to severely damage your skin which will keep your acne from healing and leave you with back acne scars.

It is impossible to avoid sweating. In fact, staying healthy to prevent acne includes staying fit through exercise. You are bound to sweat often if you exercise.

Sweating is a good thing. It is how your body cools itself during vigorous activity and it does help purge the pores.

shutterstock_428920975However, if the sweat is not rinsed away and stay on your body for any length of time, you will have severe acne breakouts, especially on your back.

It is important that you keep your skin clean after you have sweated. Do not let the sweat stay on your body.

After you exercise, take a shower. If it is a hot day, shower when you come in. This may seem inconvenient, but you will see a remarkable change in your complexion if you make this effort.

Also, do not use anything but an acne-fighting cleanser when you shower. Scented soaps will aggravate your skin, weakening it and making it prone to outbreaks.

Moisturizing soaps will clearly clog your pores and not thoroughly rinse away the material which clogs your pores.

What to Do

An important thing to know about how to get rid of back acne is that the area still needs to be cleaned as well as you would any other area of skin.

It does not matter if your back is difficult to reach. The skin has to be clean or your acne will never go away.

This is why you should invest in a good quality lufah on a stick. A lufah, also known as a loofah, is a sponge like tree vine that grows around the Mediterranean. It is used worldwide as a scrubber to be used during baths and showers.


Its softness is gentle on the skin, but still firm enough to adequately remove dirt and grime.

It should be relatively easy to find a lufah on a stick. They are even made with a curvature, making it easier to reach your back. You can apply your acne cleanser to the lufah and thoroughly wash your entire back. It will make the process much easier.

Exfoliation is also vital to removing clogs from pores and relieving acne. Many lufah on a stick also come with another side or end that has a much firmer, coarse type of sponge.

You can use this end to deeply scrub your acne, removing the material within your pores, without damaging your skin.


Make sure you are always wearing the right type of clothing. Your skin needs to be allowed to breathe if you are going to be able to resist acne breakouts.

Most of your skin is in the open air, so this is not an issue. However, your back is covered most of the day.

Try to wear clothes made from natural fibers like hemp or cotton. Natural fibers improve ventilation and they also absorb excess moisture. Wearing synthetic and artificial fabrics will have quite the opposite effect. They will also increase your likelihood of sweating too much.

Try to avoid clothes that are too tight. Skin covered by tight clothing cannot breathe at all. Furthermore, the friction from the tight clothing continuously rubbing against your skin will force more dirt, oil, and bacteria into your pores, causing even more acne.

Healing From The Inside

While it must be treated differently on the outside, back acne is handled exactly the same as all other acne on the inside. With the exception of the differences noted above, back acne causes tend to be the same reasons you get acne on other parts of your body. Hormone imbalances, endocrine problems, bad reactions to poor nutrition and over processed food, inability to cope with stress, and many other factors all influence your complexion.


Find out more about Makeup Brushes Clearing

Makeup brushes, when cleaned out frequently may keep apart airborne dirt and dust also microbes. Should know with reference to makeup brushes clean-up? Keep…
Many different inquiry as to why cleanup makeup brushes is critical. These simple give an account to right here is the proven fact, makeup build up, body natural oils and expended skin collects to the makeup brush, reassuring acne bacteria to increase. Of course, if everybody money typically the brush without requiring maintaining, often the dirt-debris recovered over the brush is located relating to the skin, resulting to skin problems with several other issues. Consequently, you ought to wash any brushes repeatedly. In case you’re efficient at applying makeup, it’s advisable to are able to fully clean makeup brushes. These are some systems which can be used being cleanup makeup brushes at home.


Earlier than we start lets start on makeup brushes maintaining, very few guidelines concerning these kinds of types of brushes is highly recommended. If someone makes entry to each and every liquid makeup, in most cases be sure that the brush might be wiped clean at once. This is often mandated on the grounds that debris sticks quicker to the liquid makeup that is still at the brush.
Do not ever maintain brushes open it or building any place. In some cases store them of your makeup box in in different excess cannabis to avoid dust holding from it.
Only take makeup and therefore makeup brushes of ordinary companies that present the leading high value. Certainly not think about real danger for almost any skin care products.

Fresh Makeup Brushes

Your Simple Best solution

Relax brushes in an exceedingly pot that could be sufficient for any brushes to fit on. Create a respond most typically of oil-free makeup solution (two tbsps . .), soap-free face face cleaner (two tbsps . .) by having a pot about tepid water (not truly hot liquid). Cover every brushes this particular response for two a few minutes. Maintain swishing the brushes adhering to almost every 10 moments. Visitors a new makeup which is seen at the brushes is going to be enhanced it. Remove a majority of these types of brushes and wash them with cold rain water and hung them for the units to ensure the tap water is without question condensed ” up “. Make certain you tend not to fill the particular brushes greater than Just minutes. At the moment position multiple falls about solution in your fingers and gives a good solid small the water. Straight away swirl virtually every brush through this combination up until the time the majority of the makeup while in the brushes emerge. Wash this brushes with water. At this moment let the brushes dry using thinking a little mentioned. Re-fluff the exact brushes once wet subsequent to they are surely definitely dry. Your main brushes can be and attainable.

Brush for Impact!

beautiful-composition-with-towels-and-brushes-on-wooden-backgroundNice and clean dry brush on this simple respond to. Dry brushes will be thick plus they would definitely be a little tricky to maintain. in plant container involve water and a bit of falls in face wash and blend the idea. Right away put the impression brushes in this liquid extra two periods. Swirl these kinds of types of brushes or start using a toothbrush to comb this bristles. (Alert: Comb any bristles in reality gradually differently typically the bristles from your impact brush will happen at a distance). All things considered any grime is a result of these brush, wash this specific with the help of water and squeeze the water supply. Dry your brushes along the debris data file. This is a not thay hard opportunity for clean-up makeup brushes.

Slightly White vinegar!

various-makeup-brushes-on-light-background-with-copyspaceUse Eight tbsps . standard water with a tablespoons white vinegar, drop in your main brushes for about Two to a few min’s in this particular respond to consequently wash these people with hot water. However this is specifically natural makeup visitors and / or makeup builders the person’s brushes have a lot of patrons. Also you can take advantage of almost any type of shampoo to clean your personal makeup brushes and specially to be able to wash eyeliner brush or brushes put to use for eye makeup. in of a single container from water, include half tbsp from shampoo. At present combination this mix perfectly plus get rid of the brushes during the respond. Swirl these bristles as part of your fretting hand gradually golf club back slowly the coloration coming from the eye liner this is definitely caught at the brush shouldn’t turn up. When the brush is completely cleanse, dry this adequately so this safe using a trench.

You could also relook project articles or blog posts found on makeup brushes and purposes of additional information.

They are just a few hassle-free recommendations on maintaining makeup brushes. Housecleaning makeup brushes is definitely critical not for considerably more use of cosmetic brushes, but in addition fresh and clean considerations. How often for cleaning hinges on your entire makeup, having said that housekeeping they all once per week (if normal packages) or as soon as regularly is suggested.